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Immerse yourself in the world of Tsolikouri, a dry white wine of rare elegance, produced since 1890. Originating from the picturesque region of Imereti, in western Georgia, this wine is a tribute to the richness and diversity of the Georgian region. Made exclusively from the carefully cultivated Tsolikouri grape variety, this wine is the fruit of ancestral know-how and an unwavering passion for the vine.


Tsolikouri is characterized by its pale straw color, a subtle indicator of its finesse and lightness. On the nose, it reveals an intense bouquet, captivating the senses with its complex and captivating aromas. On the palate, this wine reveals remarkable freshness and a harmony of flavors which intertwine to offer a unique and memorable taste experience.



Tsolikouri 2021

VAT Included
  • Treat yourself to a unique taste journey with Tsolikouri 2021, don't wait any longer to discover this treasure

  • This wine pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes. It goes brilliantly with fish, highlighting their natural finesse. With cheeses, it creates a seductive balance, while its freshness harmoniously complements vegetables and seafood. Each sip of Tsolikouri promises an exquisite gastronomic pairing, making every meal a moment of celebration.


    Tsolikouri is an invitation to explore the authentic and captivating flavors of Georgia. Don't miss the opportunity to savor this exceptional wine, a true treasure of Georgian viticulture.

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