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Lipartiani Qvevri Red


Savor the essence of Georgia with the "Lipartiani Qvevri Red", a jewel from Maison Lipartiani, one of the oldest and most prestigious wine cellars in Georgia. This country, hailed as the cradle of viticulture by archaeologists and scientists around the world, offers a unique and rich terroir.

This red wine is the result of a rigorous selection of the best varieties of native grapes, grown in Georgia's most renowned vineyards, thus testifying to the country's illustrious winemaking tradition.


“Lipartiani Qvevri Rouge” is the result of unparalleled love and care given to the vines. Each bunch is hand selected, ensuring supreme quality. The combination of modern technologies and traditional methods gives this wine a noble quality, characterized by exceptional depth and complexity.



Lipartiani Qvevri Red

VAT Included
  • Lipartiani Qvevri Rouge

  • This red wine stands out for its versatility and harmony with a multitude of world cuisines. Whether to accompany a dish rich in flavors or to enhance a more delicate meal, "Lipartiani Qvevri Rouge" is the ideal companion, offering each tasting a memorable and authentic experience.


    Embark on a unique sensory journey with the “Lipartiani Qvevri Rouge”, and let yourself be carried away by the intensity and elegance of this Georgian treasure.

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